The Seiko Stargate!

These watches are one of a kind!
Based on tradition, the past meets the future!


The past....

6105meets the future...Pic01 -- Stargate SKZ325K1


The Seiko Stargate was released in November of 2010. In the beginning, some questioned its design, others its destiny.
Powered by Seiko’s 7S36 23 jewel mechanical workhorse, it initially only made a few headlines.
It didn’t take long for Watch enthusiasts all over the world to see the SG for what it is worth...


a FULL review is coming Soon!
brought to you by the SCWF.


These watches wont be here for long... This is a passing salute to the Seiko Stargate!


in the mean time…farewell!
I salute another Historical Seiko.
You stayed with us for a short while yet your essence will be with us. Never forgotten, always faithful in your short life.
Semper Fidelis.